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As a Mindset and Resilience Coach, I will guide you to THINK deliberately, TRANSFORM limitations into opportunities, and ultimately THRIVE in both personal and professional spheres.

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Hi, I'm Saimantee. I believe in the inherent potential within each of us to lead a joyous and fulfilling life. Yet, life's challenges often weigh us down, causing many to surrender. Those who persist, who believe they can rise despite multiple setbacks, are truly exceptional. I'm here to assist those individuals driven to transform their reality. My mission is not only to help you discover your true self, but also to help you master a resilient mindset to confidently step forward and craft a life you love. I specialize in guiding exceptional individuals towards an extraordinary life.

Coaching Services

Specialized coaching for every stage of your journey.

Experience a profound journey of personal transformation and unlock your true potential by engaging in purpose-driven coaching that encourages consistent and strategic action, paving the way for you to evolve into your best version

Clarity Booster

Clarity Booster is designed to help individuals get clarity on a particular situation / dilemma and ideate on the actions needed to transform the situation.

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Empower Life

This package is designed to help individuals self-discover their core values and passion; design and align their future life blueprint; and develop an action plan.

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Empower Mind

This package is designed to help individuals master their mindset. It's perfect for those looking to boost self-confidence, understand and channelize strong emotions

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Client Success Stories

Hear from our satisfied clients as they share their transformational experiences and success stories.

  • Having personally experienced Saimantee's coaching, I can attest to her remarkable ability to connect on a personal level. I have benefited from her diverse perspectives in navigating dilemmas and fostering objectivity in various situations. Many mental blocks hindering personal growth have been successfully dismantled under her guidance.

    Shweta Agarwal

    Engineering Manager | Apple | Ex- Microsoft | Ex-Citrix | IIT Delhi

  • You have an excellent ability to relate a concept to the context. I have witnessed a range of perspectives you bring to resolve a dilemma I may be facing or build objectivity around a situation. You trusted me and challenged me at the same time to think beyond what I thought I could possibly do. I have been able to learn and achieve so much more. Will always be grateful for your guidance. I can honestly say Saimantee is the most professional coach that I have ever worked with, her drive and focus for getting the best out of the people is genuinely infectious. Saimantee sees you more fully than you see yourself. She sees your potential, she senses what needs to be unearthed, and the gifts that you have to offer.

    Amit Kundu

    Senior Human Resource Professional

  • From our very first session, it was evident that she was fully present and engaged. Her ability to listen without judgment creates a safe and open space where I feel comfortable sharing my thoughts, concerns, and dreams. Saimantee has a talent for asking thought-provoking questions that guide me through the process of self-discovery. Instead of providing ready-made solutions, she empowers me to explore my own thoughts and feelings, leading to a deeper understanding of myself and my goals. This approach has been instrumental in helping me make informed decisions about the next steps in my life.

    Sharath Tejasvi

    Senior Engineering Manager & Member of Board of Directors


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